Student Success Story - Lee Richardson $9,600/Month in 90 Days

February 20, 2021

Lee Richardson worked in sales all his life. He decided he needed a change, so he took a year off trying to figure things out.

He wanted more direction. He wanted something different for his life.

Lee wanted the ability to work on his own terms.

“I didn't want to be busy running around like a lunatic. I want to be able to work on my terms, sit in the sunset on a hammock somewhere. That appeals to me,” says Richardson.

He always had an interest in marketing on Facebook but wasn’t sure what it entailed or how it worked.

When he came across James Hopkins Coaching, he was staying in Thailand on holiday and it grabbed his interest.

He traveled to Thailand on his own and wanted to figure out what to do with his life so he could have a more relaxed lifestyle. 

Lee had zero ties to people back home so he was more than willing to live in Thailand for an extended period of time and create an online business of his own but he just wanted to make sure it worked.

He knew that he could make this lifestyle a reality, but he just wanted to make it work before he was going to completely live abroad in Thailand.

He jumped into the training program and community of James Hopkins Coaching so he could learn how to create an online digital advertising business that allowed him to work from anywhere.

Without wasting any time, Lee pushed forward to get clients for his new business by starting to have conversations with prospects.

Within 90 days of jumping into the program, he landed 6 clients that pay him $9,500 a month collectively.

He was still in the UK and able to make this business work.

As a result, Lee decided to book his one way ticket to Thailand and leave the UK for good. 

He found that he’s been able to build his business quickly and it’s been getting a lot easier, even from a technical perspective which is what he struggled with initially.

Lee got help from the community and support of James Hopkins Coaching which helped him to overcome any hurdles he was facing.

He knows that if he can systemize what he’s doing and refine it, he can turn his new skills into a long term business.

Lee has been using the resources of the program from to make connections and get help when needed, but ultimately, he’s doubled down on his business to get clients and get results for them.

He’s getting faster at building out advertising campaigns for clients and getting everything set up, which is the most time consuming part for him. With this, he’s able to grow the business to something much larger, regardless of where he is in the world.

He’s someone that constantly learns everyday and continuously pushes forward. He’s made learning a normal part of his daily life.

Lee took off to Thailand with his new digital advertising business, and there’s no turning back for him.

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