Student Success Story - Ben Y makes $7,000 per month from 6 clients

March 5, 2021

Ben has had quite the journey from traveling to jumping in to James Hopkins Coaching to creating a successful business that has given him the freedom to live anywhere in the world.

Born in the state of Indiana in the USA, Benjamin Yost is a college grad who was seeking something completely different for his life.

Instead of going the typical route of getting a job, he decided to live abroad and travel to have more experiences.

He’s lived in all sorts of places like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, and plenty of other places in Asia, South America, and the Caribbean.

He started off as a teacher and then a divemaster, but quickly, he realized there was no growth track available to him if he continued to go down either of these 2 routes.

There were two problems that he faced. 

One was that there was always an income cap to the either gig every month. So even as a teacher, there were no promotions or anything he could do to get to another level. 

There was a definite ceiling on what he could do.

The other problem he faced was he didn't have freedom over his entire schedule each day.

Ben needed to commit to specific hours which limited what he could do on a daily basis.

So he began looking at different methods to make money while traveling so he could have more control over his income.

When he came into James Hopkins Coaching, Ben was able to quickly make an extra $1000-$2000 per month on the side while continuing his teaching job.

This alone wasn’t a bad result to supplement his teaching income and give him better control over his financial situation.

But then he hit a point where he was in a position to seriously build his business and quit his teaching job.

In a 30 day timeframe, he went all in on his business to grow it by getting more clients and helping them get results.

“I was able to really hone in my skills and work on retaining current clients and I scaled to about $7,000 per month” Ben says on hitting a milestone in his business.

However, the money is secondary to what is truly important to him.

For Ben, he gains fulfillment on the results that his clients receive from his services.

He has clients overwhelmed with the amount of leads that he’s sending them and they’re able to turn those leads into customers.

He loves hearing that his clients are growing their business and improving their lives.

Still, the money has helped him to improve his life as well, giving him opportunities he didn’t have before.

“I’m kind of a hippie. I never had that kind of money in my life. It’s really nice. It allows us to travel whenever we want. I can go back to visit my family whenever I want” says Ben on his new income.

He’s able to buy drinks for his friends and not even have to worry about it.

This is the kind of freedom that his new digital advertising business has given him after coming to James Hopkins Coaching.

Benjamin Yost isn’t stopping here. He has plans to grow his business further so he can get better results for more businesses.

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