Sean made $5700 per month and Quit His Teaching Job

February 3, 2021

Sean is a US expat living abroad in Europe.

When Sean came to James Hopkins Coaching, he was doing online teaching after a long period of discovering what to do.

Sean was teaching while in South Korea, transitioned to Thailand, and returned home to the USA before planting himself in Belarus where he is today. 

It wasn’t until the trip back to the USA with his family when he realized he needed to do something more.

Flying back home to the States was pretty pricey. With a son he needed to take care of, he saw his expenses increasing and he wanted to solve the problem.

He started dabbling in digital marketing by getting some online courses that would help him understand the ins and outs of how it all works.

Getting immersed in all of the free information he could get, he wanted to dive in and figure it out.

Sean realized very quickly though that he needed a mentor which is when he came to James Hopkins Coaching.

By the time Sean came to us, he was able to land a client in the fitness space.

The problem he faced was that he didn’t know how to serve the client.

He didn’t know how to really get them results so he wanted to make sure he was going to give the client the best results possible.

When he jumped in to James Hopkins Coaching, Sean ended up diving deep into the training on how to get results for clients through local lead generation with Facebook Ads, and very quickly, he began to seriously help his client.

Within two weeks, he had gotten 57 leads for his client and turned 27 of those leads into customers.

All in all, it was an incredible first 30 days for Sean inside the program at James Hopkins Coaching that allowed him to turn his business into something real.

He continued to work in the fitness space but has since evolved into working with corporate trainers and facilitators that serve larger companies. 

Today, Sean is working with over 7 clients, bringing him over $5,700 per month on recurring retainers.

More importantly, Sean has been able to not only match the income of his teaching job, but he’s been able to exceed it.

As a result, he’s been able to quit his teaching job so he could help more clients in his business.

Sean admits that he’s way more positive today, not just because of the training and support he’s received from James Hopkins Coaching, but also the people he’s working with!

The clients he works with has an impact on his life as well.

“Now I see a very clear path to making $100,000 a year” Sean says in our interview.

The level of growth that Sean has had coming in the program has led to his amazing success. 

He’s surrounded himself with like-minded people in the Lifestyle Marketeer Community to help him elevate his success to new levels.

Even though Sean dabbled in digital marketing beforehand, he admits that he didn’t have an advantage coming into the program because of where he was at the time of his journey.

All he saw was a goal that he wanted (matching his teaching job income), and achieving that goal.

Now that Sean has made that goal a reality, the sky's the limit for him.

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