How Do You Find Your Passion?

January 28, 2021

A global poll conducted by Gallup found that 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs. 

Take that in for a moment. 85%. 

This statistic is not only important, but completely shocking. 

Why are so many people unhappy in their job?

This is a question the James Hopkins Team asks frequently and often gets the same result.

People have no passion for what they do. 

They dread going to their job, waking up every day to go on a crowded commute to an office they hate.

This leaves them feeling unmotivated, tired and exhausted.

So how can someone find their passion and begin living a life that aligns with them?

This isn’t an easy process, but it’s one that will pay back all the effort you give it. 

Begin by asking yourself “Is there already something I love doing?”.

As we grow older, many of us seem to lose our passions. We find ourselves stuck in a job we hate with no outlet and then wonder why we’re miserable?

Look back on things you loved doing as a child but never had the opportunity to pursue. 

This can be anything from sports, acting, creating or building or simply reading. In the modern world, there is likely a way you can do this for a living. 

Helping individuals find this passion is something we focus on at James Hopkins Coaching.

If you’ve already found something that you truly love doing, you’re already ahead of the game. 

Now it's time to research how you can turn your passion into your life. 

Begin by reading.

Search online for potential careers that involve this skill, read books, blogs and articles to find what is out there. 

One tip the James Hopkins Coaching team advice is to brainstorm.

Our brains are designed to process information, not remember it.

This is why more often than not, an idea will come to mind after you have taken an hour long break. 

Get a sheet of paper and begin noting down ideas- anything that you think of at the time. 

Look at the area around you. Your house, a bookshelf or a public space, what inspirations can you find? 

It’s important to note that there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ideas at this point. 

You can then begin testing some ideas to see which you enjoy.

Begin doing it as a side job to test whether or not it’s for you.

Sometimes, we can be passionate about something for a few days, only for this passion to die down. 

If you remain passionate after a few months, then you’re on the right track. 

If one idea doesn’t work, then don’t give up.

Try again with another. 

At James Hopkins Coaching, we teach all of our clients to explore a plethora of ideas before chasing a single one.

Try each one out and see how you feel after a week, a month and three months. 

Eventually, you will find something you’re extremely passionate about and then you can turn this into your new career.

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