Facebook Advertising – 3 Crucial Components to Your First Successful Campaign

January 12, 2021

It’s scary how many Small Business Owners are wasting their hard-earned money on Facebook Advertising Campaigns that straight up don’t work.

The most common questions I get asked every single day go a little something like this:

“Why aren’t my Facebook Advertising campaigns bringing in new customers?”

“Can you tell me what I am doing wrong with my Facebook Ads?”

“Why do I always lose money with Facebook Advertising?”

I know what you’re thinking.. You’ve been asking yourself exactly the same thing, right?

Well, don’t feel too bad about it.. In the last 12 months alone, I have worked with over 100 Small Business Owners in 15 industries and have run over 500 successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns. I can tell you it isn’t as easy as you first think.

In this article, I am going to break down the 3 CRUCIAL components you MUST include when setting up your Facebook adverts.

SERIOUSLY! This is going to be the turning point for you

If just ONE of these components is missing from your campaigns, you need to stop what you’re doing and seriously consider getting professional help because you’re never going to turn a profit.

It’s time to stop burning money on ads that suck and actually start generating new customers and a positive ROI (Return On Investment) with your Facebook Advertising!

READY? Great! Let’s get started…

Key Component No. 1 – The Offer 

It’s amazing how many business owners are trying to run traditional “bill-board” style adverts using Facebook Advertising.


Over the last 20-30 years, the consumer has changed.

The customers of 2018 have an unlimited supply of information at their fingertips through the internet. This means they are well educated on what they want to buy and who from, ultimately making them much harder to sell to on the first contact.

Running an advert simply informing people who you are and what you do just doesn’t work with any form of Digital Marketing, especially Facebook Advertising. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work like that.

Remember, you are competing with MILLIONS of other marketers to engage your target audience and if you don’t communicate an interesting message worthy of their time, you won’t get a single second.

You MUST stand out from the moment they see your advert

The first thing you need to identify is what to actually OFFER your customer in order to attract their attention in your Facebook Advert.

Now, trying to sell to someone who doesn’t know you or your business (Cold Audience) with Facebook Advertising is like trying to sleep with someone on the first date. It doesn’t matter whether you sell Low Cost T-shirts or Home Renovations, it almost always doesn’t go the way you wanted it to.

So, what exactly should you be offering people on this first interaction with your business through Facebook Advertising?

Offer Something of Value for Free

Now this might sound a bit counter-intuitive but your main goal from your first Facebook Advertising Campaign should be to generate Leads. People sign up for your offer by entering their details and you follow up to close the sale. This works really well when offering a Free Quote.

Alternatively, offering a discount voucher works really well too.

People then enter their contact details to claim the voucher and you deliver it by email.

TOP TIP: To determine whether your “Offer” is good enough, ask yourself “Could you sell it?”. If the answer is YES, then you’re good to go!

Not only are you giving yourself a high chance of short term revenue increase from people who purchase upon your follow up/use your discount voucher, but more importantly you are building an audience of people you KNOW are interested in what you have to offer.

This database can be used to re-market to through Email Marketing and even retargeted Facebook Advertising. This is when you can begin selling directly to these people without having to offer anything else for free.

The main point being: Do not try to sell directly to a cold audience!

So, what could you offer people? Let’s look at some great examples I’ve seen work consistently across multiple businesses and industries with single Facebook Advertising campaigns:

Fitness Business: Free Personal Training Session

Restaurant: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Voucher

Home Renovations: Free Quote

Private Dentist: Free Teeth Cleaning

Etc. Etc. You get the idea.

Here’s an example of an Ad that has so far generated over 400 Leads and £2,498 in Direct Sales:

qv marketing facebook advertising 1

Now, you must understand that giving something away for free provides an opportunity for potential customers to interact with your business before committing to a purchase. Your job is to provide an experience that inspires the prospect to make a purchase following their initial interaction.

Delivering value upfront is crucial to the success of your business moving into 2018 and beyond, especially when trying to sell with Facebook Advertising.

This is what happens:

Fitness Business: A free personal training session results in new personal training clients.

Restaurant: People who would never come to your restaurant now come to use their voucher and potentially become life-long customers.

Home Renovations – Upon requesting a Free Quote, you arrange an appointment to show them your portfolio or put together a custom design for them, they love it and you get the sale.

Private Dentist – A prospect comes for a Free Teeth Clean and upon inspection the dentist notices they need 3 fillings. You rebook the person for their fillings and they become a paying customer.

NOTE: You make money from the upsell, not the initial interaction!

If you are struggling to think of what you can offer in your advert, feel free to drop me an email directly at James@thelifestylemarketeer.com or visit my site at QV-Marketing and I will be happy to give you some ideas.

And if you think it just won’t work for you.. Try me.. You just need to know what to strategically offer and to who 😉

Key Component No. 2 – Audience Targeting

The next crucial component to your successful Facebook Advertising campaign is to ensure the right people see your advert.

The reason why Facebook is such a powerful Marketing and Advertising tool is because of the ability to target highly specific audiences based on the following metrics:


Marital Status

Geographical Location

Financial Status

Online Behaviours


And many, many more!

So, what does this mean for you?

It means you can target HIGHLY specific groups of people with HIGHLY specific adverts speaking directly to your target customer. It also means you can setup your advert to be shown only to people within a given radius of your geographical location.

This means the likelihood of somebody seeing the advert and taking an action is much higher, ultimately ending in more conversions and lower advertising costs.

However, most Small Business Owners don’t actually know how to use the Facebook Ad Manager and Audience Targeting Tools effectively. (Even if they think they do!)

There are thousands and thousands of combinations you could use to narrow down the audience to those most likely people to take action. This is important in minimising your Ad Spend. We don’t want to pay for people to see the advert who aren’t likely to be interested.

One of the most effective methods I have found for Audience Targeting is “Interest Layering”

Firstly, you start off by narrowing down the audience to the geographical radius people are willing to travel (or you would be willing to travel) for what you are offering.

qv marketing facebook advertising 2

Secondly, we identify and set whether women or men would be more likely to be interested in what you have to offer. This is optional and you can target both if you wish.

Then, if your target market has a particular age group that’s most likely to be interested, you set the age of the audience you want to see your advert.

Next, (and most importantly) we setup the interest targeting. This means that we’re able to target people based on their interests. Facebook have already grouped their users into “Interest Groups” based on what they actively Like and Follow on the Facebook platform.

This means that if you are a restaurant, you can target people who are actively interested in “Food” or “Eating Out” with your Facebook Advertising. Or if you are a Personal Trainer, you can target people who are interested in “Fitness and Wellness” or even “Gyms”.

Finally, you Layer your Interest targeting so the audience must meet multiple Interest Criteria. This works well as it means your audience is going to be EVEN MORE targeted. In the example below, you can see I have firstly identified “Homeowners” and then identified people interested in “Artificial Grass” from those Homeowners:

This is a very simple example to give you the idea but you can be as complex with your layering as you like. Try testing multiple combinations before settling on your most profitably audiences.

TOP TIP: You can also target people who Like and Follow your Competitors. However, this is only available if your competitors have a large following (20,000+ or so) on their Facebook page.

The combinations are only limited by your imagination!

Key Component No.3 – Advert Design  

When I say “Advert Design”, I am referring to how the advert looks in your audiences Newsfeed.

What do they see and how can we inspire people to take action now?

There are so many “dos and don’ts” that we could literally be here all day going through them.

For your benefit, I am just going to break down the 3 most important factors you should consider when designing your advert.

The list below ranks in order of importance with relation to the success of your advertising campaign (1 being most important):

1 – Use an Image/video thumbnail that Captures Attention (NO STOCK IMAGES)

It is argued that the image you use contributes as much as 75% towards the success of the campaign.

You see, the whole point of the image is to grab attention and stop people scrolling.

So, how do you choose a “Powerful” image that stops people dead in their tracks?

Firstly, never use stock photography. Authenticity is crucial and the best way to give an authentic feel to the advert is to use an authentic image.

Secondly, I have found that using an image featuring a human face expressing an emotion is a sure-fire way of stopping people from scrolling past your advert. Something is hard wired in our brains to pay attention to facial expressions and it is a natural instinct to stop and take it in when we see one.

Thirdly, use contrasting or bright colours. Remember that the background of the Facebook Newsfeed is white. So, using an image with a solid black background is often very effective. Bright and strong colours always work well too.

Finally, keep the image as relevant to what you are offering as possible. If you are a service based business, then don’t be scared to use a nice photo of you smiling. It is a fantastic way of building trust with a potential customer from the very first impression!

Here’s an example as part of a Facebook Advertising Campaign that generated over £20,000 in revenue from a £3,000 Ad Spend:

2 – Summarise your Advert in the Headline

The average person has the attention span of 8 seconds in 2018. That’s 1 second less than a goldfish which has an attention span of 9 seconds.. Embarrassing, right?

But given that we are exposed to 2000+ adverts on a daily basis, can you blame human evolution for the way our brains have developed to work?

That means in total you have 8 seconds to grab your customer’s attention and convince them to engage with the rest of your advert. The image often stops people from scrolling, but it’s the Headline that decides whether to engage or keep scrolling.

So, what exactly should you say?

You MUST summarise what you are offering within 15 words.

It’s always best to sneak in a benefit of what you are offering too, if possible. This can be difficult to do but if you can master it, it can be very powerful!

Here’s an example of an Advert that generated over £5,000 from an £800 Ad Spend

3 – Well Structured Copy (The text)

This is often viewed as the hardest part of the advert design process. Even though it is the least important to the success of your campaign, it’s still important to get it right…

TOP TIP: Write 1 or 2 sentences Max. before starting a new paragraph. This helps to break up the text and makes it more attractive to read. People hate reading blocks of text.

I have devised a formula to write powerful copy that delivers results every single time. I use it religiously and so should you:

Sentence 1 – Call Out Your Customer

Sentence 2 – Introduce yourself and you’re credibility Sentence

3 – What awesome thing do you have? Sentence

4 – Where can they get it? Sentence

5 – Be attractive/Honest/Entertaining Sentence

6 – Scarcity (Limited time/amount)

Let’s look at this in action. The following copy was used in an Advertising Campaign that generated a 467% ROI

qv marketing facebook advertising 5

And there we have it. In this article you have learned the 3 Key Components crucial to the success of your Facebook Advertising Campaigns.

You only have to get 1 of these wrong and your campaign is almost certainly going to lose money.

But don’t feel bad if you’re making mistakes. As I said before, it’s incredibly common. Learning how to advertise successfully on any

platform takes years of practise and thousands of £’s of investment.

 I offer a completely FREE Strategy Call to Small Business Owners

I will identify what you are doing wrong and rectify these issues before you waste any more money on Facebook Advertising Campaigns that don’t work.

Email me directly on James@thelifestylemarketeer.com or visit our website at QV-Marketing if you would like to see more return from your Advertising Budget.

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