Photo of James Hopkins In Spain at a retreat for the lifestyle marketeer coaches to help teach expats digital marketing and advertising skills.

james hopkins

HelpING Expats Achieve Time, Location and Financial Independence by Learning Digital Advertising


James Hopkins is an entrepreneur from Leeds, UK who started two successful online companies by the age of 24 working remotely as an expat in South East Asia.

James is a digital marketing consultant and coach who helps local business owners in the USA, UK and Australia profit wildly through digital marketing. He also helps expats setup Digital Marketing Agencies of their own. He has personally managed over half a million dollars in digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI and results for clients and students alike.

James's passion now lies in helping other expats, teachers and parents escape the hamster wheel of expat employment and start their own profitable online marketing agency from anywhere in the world.


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